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Action Plan & Reports

Why a Food Action Plan? With collaborative effort we can overcome barriers, forge new partnerships, identify shared goals and commit to action. The Multnomah Food Action Plan builds upon the existing work of the community by providing a roadmap with a shared community vision and shared goals. This Plan is also a call to action and identifies key collaborative actions for our community that are critical for achieving our goals.

How was the Plan Developed? The Multnomah Food Action Plan was developed with significant community input and incorporates the findings of the Multnomah Food Action Report. The 15-year action plan offers four action areas containing 16 goals and 65 community-wide collaborative actions for local government, businesses, non-profit organizations, faith communities, and learning institutions. This Plan also offers 40 actions for individual community members who’s daily choices or lack of choices in what to eat, where to shop, and how to become an advocate for change greatly influence our community. 

What Will We Accomplish? Working together we can collaborate on solutions and speak with a collective voice to achieve our goals. With this Plan we can secure funding and grants, create new economic opportunities, overcome barriers, catalyze policy change and investment, and raise awareness and support with our community and policymakers.

Where Do We Start? With the Multnomah Food Action Plan our community embarks on a 15-year journey of strategic alignment, clear goals, and collaborative actions that will leverage results.  Some changes will come easily, but others will present serious challenges and difficult decisions. To truly achieve a local, healthy, equitable, and regionally prosperous food system we need to accelerate education, community empowerment, planning integration, policy prioritization, and investment in our food system – in other words, we need to cultivate a culture that values and is committed to sustainable food system outcomes.