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Multnomah Food Summits

2010: Imagine what we can accomplish together which we could not do alone.

Imagining what we can accomplish together was the theme that arose from the 2010 Multnomah Food Summit. Over 200 community partners, including non-profits, businesses, faith organizations, schools and local governments, came together to provide input and voice their support. Repeatedly, participants identified the need to connect and collaborate, and in the words of one participant to "all start rowing in the same direction in order to reach our goals." 

The first Food Summit was the Kick-Off event for the Multnomah Food Initiative, innovative partnerships within our community to develop a shared vision, collaborative food system goals, and a 15-year action plan for our community.

2011: From Community Vision to Food System Action!

The 2011 Multnomah Food Summit, over 230 community partners, including non-profits, businesses, faith organizations, schools and local governments from across the food system sector, joined together to work on implementation of the goals and actions outlined in the Multnomah Food Action Plan. Participants had the opportunity to attended 18 Breakout Worksessions focused on implementing healthy, equitable, and prosperous local food efforts in Multnomah County.

2012: Growing Food Justice: Cultivating a Broad and Shared Understanding 

At the 2012 Multnomah Food Summit we will focus on Growing Food Justice by cultivating a shared and broad understanding of how we are all affected by a food system that contributes to crises such as chronic health conditions, food insecurity and hunger, climate change and environmental degradation, economic injustice, loss of farmland, undermining of the local economy, and more.

The 2012 Multnomah Food Summit is specifically intended to provide the space to present locally implemented solutions, experiences, and work ahead that broaden our understanding of food justice beyond the common definition of food security and accessibility.