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Declaration of Support & List of Supporters

  The time has come to join together in creating a local, healthy, equitable and regionally prosperous food system. The good news is that there is a role for every organization and every person to transform our food system. Food is a basic necessity and a celebration. All stakeholders have a voice in the future of our food system --- every eater, backyard gardener, urban and rural farmer, food processor and distributor, emergency food provider, restaurant, grocer, and market vendor. It is critical that we combine efforts among stakeholders through collaborative action to make effective change in food system policy, practice, and programs.

Collectively, we can accomplish more together than we ever could alone.

By declaring your support for the Multnomah Food Action Plan you are supporting our community's shared vision and principles to create a healthy, equitable and economically thriving local food system.


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Multnomah Food Action Plan Supporters

and Commitments


  1. Jeff Cogen, Multnomah County Chair
  2. Earl Blumenauer, Member of Congress - 3rd District of Oregon
  3. Nick Fish, City of Portland Commissioner
  4. Judy Shiprack, Multnomah County Commissioner, District 3
  5. Loretta Smith, Multnomah County Commissioner, District 2
  6. Deborah Kafoury, Multnomah County Commissioner, District 1
-          I commit to supporting the food action plan and working with my colleagues and our stakeholders to further its recommendations.            
  1. Multnomah County Board of Commissioners
-          We commit to adopt the Multnomah Food Action Plan and direct county departments and offices to use this Plan as guidance in policy and program development, and planning efforts that can improve our local food system, and in doing so, advance the county's interrelated goals of a healthy, equitable, environmentally responsible, and prosperous community.
-          We commit to develop strong partnerships at the government, business, academic, and community level to leverage efforts that will result in local action on health, equity, environment, and jobs in our regional food system.
-          We commit to support the Office of Sustainability in working with our partners to develop innovative policies and programs that advance the goals of this Plan, including: (1) A second annual Multnomah Food Summit, (2) An economic opportunities analysis for the local food system, (3) Training for new small, urban farmers selling to regional markets, (4) A network of resources to incubate new and transitioning farmers, (5) An audit of county regulatory barriers, (6) An information clearinghouse website to network food system stakeholders, (7) An alliance of institutional purchasers in the Metro region, and (8) Enhanced food production on property tax-foreclosed and unused county land.
-          We commit to support the continued development and implementation of operational policies at Multnomah County that encourage healthy and local food purchasing, decrease food and food packaging in our waste stream, and decrease climate impacts associated with our food system.
-          We commit to direct federal lobbyists to take an active role in advocacy for a Farm Bill that reflects and supports the goals expressed in The Multnomah Food Action Plan.
  1. Metro Regional Government
-          We commit to supporting the overall vision and community principles of the Multnomah Food Action Plan
  1. City of Portland                                                      
-          We commit to continuing our existing work on creating a food system that promotes personal, environmental and economic health for all, and looks forward to working with other organizations in this important movement
-          We commit to continued advocacy for minimal expansions of the Urban Growth Boundary, increased acreage of urban food producing land, and continued public education of food production through the City’s Urban Growth Bounty classes and Sustainable Food Policy website. (Goal 1)
-          We commit to utilizing our local influence—through lobbying, the Food Policy Council, and city support of direct-market producers—to ensure that federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and policies support small and mid-scale farmers. (Goal 2)
-          We commit to converting underutilized land into food producing gardens, by providing support and assistance as needed throughout the city. (Goal 3)
-          We commit to promoting composting programs, supporting third-party certification of food, and educating the community on sustainability issues and solutions around issues. (Goal 4)
-          We commit to making healthy food more affordable and accessible than unhealthy food, to incorporate wellness policies, and to incorporate healthy food environment planning, through work on the Portland Plan and other planning projects. (Goal 5)
-          We commit to promoting healthy food financing initiatives and community involvement in creating healthy food environments that fit cultural needs. (Goal 6)
-          We commit to educating the community to encourage healthy food choices, and to enhancing community advocacy and education efforts. (Goal 7)
-          We commit to encouraging acceptance of food and nutrition assistance vouchers through direct-market channels, and to supporting effective matching fund programs. (Goal 8)
-          We commit to creating sustainable living conditions through the Portland Plan and other City initiatives, to utilizing social equity criteria in relation to food equity and health, and to ongoing assessments of food and healthy disparities. (Goal 9)
-          We commit to supporting the City’s Community Garden Initiative through multiple bureaus, to create enough garden space to meet community demand. (Goal 10)
-          We commit to involving a broad range of community members in defining and supporting community-wide food-related goals, to amplify the voice of traditionally underrepresented communities, and to utilize inclusive public involvement policies. (Goal 11)
-          We commit to supporting federal policies address inequities for farmers and farm workers, promoting state agricultural reform, and upholding the dignity and quality of life for all who work in the food system. (Goal 12)
-          We commit to continued promotion of Portland’s direct-market channels, and supporting the creation of additional food hubs. (Goal 13)
-          We commit to promoting the Portland metro region’s reputation as being at the forefront of the local and sustainable food movement, and ensuring that regulation, zoning, and land use laws support food production and distribution. (Goal 14)
-          We commit to supporting organizational policies that allow government agencies to prefer local food in their purchasing contracts. (Goal 15)
-          We commit to supporting local food businesses, and supporting the Food Policy Council as a commission of community leaders that foster the regional food economy. (Goal 16)
  1. City of Troutdale (Jim Kight, Mayor)
-          We commit to continue providing water to the garden located on the County’s Farm property, and
-          We commit to provide community awareness of the Plan through articles in the Troutdale Champion newsletter
  1. Multnomah County Office of Sustainability (Kat West, Director)
-          We commit to partnering with the community around implementation of the Multnomah Food Action Plan, including identifying funding opportunities and acting as a convener, in order to meet our 15-year goals. (Vision)
-          We commit to launching a pilot Beginning Farmer Incubator Training Program in 2011 with community partners to provide small-scale, urban farming training to new farmers. (Action 16.2)
-          We commit to working with community partners to develop an Economic Opportunities Analysis for our local food system to create jobs and support our local economy. (Action 16.1)
-          We commit to partnering with the community to farm surplus county land through the CROPS project and donating the harvest to emergency food centers. (Actions 3.2, 8.3)
-          We commit to maintaining the Multnomah County Headquarters Hope Garden as a demonstration project for the public and donating the harvest to emergency food centers. (Action 4.1)
-          We commit to enhancing the community outreach for the County Digs program that makes surplus, tax-foreclosed properties available to the community for community gardens. (Action 3.2)
  1. City of Portland: Community Gardens Initiative (Nick Fish, City Commissioner)
-          We commit to create 1,000 new community garden plots by 2012;
-          We commit to update the inventory of all community gardens within the City of Portland and create maps that show existing opportunities and potential new project sites;
-          We commit to continue to promote the donation of surplus produce grown in community gardens;
-          We commit to connect gardeners with opportunities to learn about nutrition, cooking, sustainable practices, and our local food system;
-          We commit to collaborate with regional partners to organize and promote an annual Harvest Festival;
-          We commit to collaborate with regional partners to explore the development of a community food resource center.
  1. New Seasons Market (Lisa Sedlar, CEO)
-          We commit to continue localizing the food system and encouraging healthy eating (Goals 1, 2)
  1. Travel Portland (Laura Guimond, Communications Manager)       
-          We commit to celebrating and promoting our healthy, locally-grown food, our farms, farmers markets and eateries, and the bountiful, exquisite cuisine of our region.       
  1. Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Service (A. Scott Reed, Vice Provost and Director)
-          We commit to develop, share, and apply knowledge in support of a vibrant food initiative. (Vision)
  1. Portland Public Schools Nutrition Services (Gitta Grether-Sweeney, Director)
-          We commit to continue to increase the procurement of food from local growers, producers and processors. (Goal 15)
-          We commit to continue to educate Portland students about the importance of having a healthy, local food system and eating local foods. (Goal 7)
-          We commit to collaborate with community partners to promote the role of Child Nutrition Programs in a healthy food system. (Goal 6)
  1. Food & Water Watch (Julia DeGraw, Northwest Organizer)
-          Promoting a fair food system that is better for consumers, farmers, and the environment.
  1. Food Alliance (Scott Exo, Executive Director)
-          We commit to offer independent, 3rd party certification of food products whose growers, processors and distributors meet high standards for social and environmental performance. (Goals 4, 14)
  1. Oregon Food Bank (Jon Stubenvoll, Director of Advocacy)               
-          We commit to provide hands-on gardening experience to individuals at the Eastside Learning Garden (Action 2.1); promote the Plant-A-Row for the Hungry program and connect gardens with emergency food agencies (Action 10.1); be part of Regional Food Network; and dedicate time to the Friends of Portland Community Gardens board. (Goal 11)         
  1. Ecotrust Food and Farms (Deborah Kane, Vice President)
-          We commit to continued advocacy and support to encourage greater use of regionally sourced products in pre-K and K-12 school cafeterias. (Goal 15)
  1. Edible Portland (Deborah Kane, Publisher)        
-          We commit to informing and inspiring regional eaters on a quarterly basis by exploring complex food and agricultural issues and sharing the diverse stories of our regional producers. (Action 14.1)
  1. Friends of Portland Community Gardens (Lora Price, Board Chair)
-          We commit to supporting and expanding community gardening opportunities for all Portlanders to grow healthy food by working to create new community gardens within reach of every neighborhood and by providing gardening education opportunities (Actions 1.2, 10.2).
  1. ROSE Community Development (Nick Sauvie, Executive Director)
-          We commit to promoting health among residents of our affordable housing communities, and including health elements in our community development initiatives in outer southeast Portland. (Goal 5)
  1. Friends of Family Farmers (Michele Knaus, Executive Director) Molalla, OR
-          We commit to continuing to provide a resource hub for socially responsible farmers & ranchers in Oregon; we also provide a land linking service and specific resources for new and beginning farmers in Oregon. (Goal 2)
-          We commit to provide outreach to Eaters on the connection between food and farming in Oregon (not limited to, but including a monthly free event called InFARMation).   (Actions 1.6, 4.4)           
  1. Portland State University Institute for Sustainable Solutions (Robert Costanza, Director)
-          We commit to engaging in research, education, and community partnerships that contribute to building a sustainable regional food system.
  1. Elders in Action (Vicki Hersen, Executive Director)             
-          We commit to promote projects and plans to decrease food insecurities for older adults through out the Portland metro area. (Goals 9, 10)        
  1. OHSU - Oregon Health and Science University (Eecole Copen, Sustainable Food Programs Coordinator)
-          We commit to create environments that support health and quality of life and increased access of sustainable and locally grown foods within the hospital setting. (Vision)
  1. FoodHub (Deborah Kane, Project Director)        
-          We commit to increasing economic opportunities for regional farmers, ranchers and fishermen by connecting them to willing buyers on FoodHub (Action 3.1, Goal 13).
  1. Sauvie Island Center (Anna Goldrich, Executive Director)
-          We commit to provide field trips, for elementary school children in Portland, on the Sauvie Island Organics farm, to learn about farming and how food is grown.
  1. Multnomah County Health Department Community Wellness & Prevention Program (Patrick Gorman, Food Policy Specialist)
-          We commit to promote community­wide health campaigns that increase the public’s understanding of the impact of food choices on health (Goal 7)
-          We commit to develop wellness policies to create healthy food environments where people work, play and worship (Goal 5)
-          We commit to develop coordinated food policy across local governments and institutions that support healthy food choice (Goal 5)
  1. Multnomah County Office of Diversity & Equity (Daryl Dixon, Chief Diversity and Equity Officer)
-          We commit to promoting equitable access to fresh local food, culturally specific educational efforts and a focus on policy and system change that removes barriers to all people's healthy choices.
-          As individuals we commit to eating more of the rainbow of local, diverse healthy foods and to continue to make healthier food choices recognizing that people of color and the LGBT community are affected disproportionately by diseases related to smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise.
  1. Multnomah County Aging & Disability Services Division - Healthy Aging Coalition (David Hanson, Planner)
-          We commit to work with community partners to increase healthy food choices at senior centers and senior meal sites; increase collaboration between local growers, senior meal providers, and senior centers; address root causes of hunger and food insecurity amongst older adults; promote registration for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Program; and to provide local, healthy food at meetings.  
  1. Portland Nursery (Peggy Acott, Community Outreach Director)
-          We commit to continue our work in support and partnership of school and community-based gardens for the sake of good nutrition and good health; helping people (especially children) learn about good food and where it comes from (Goals 5, 7).
  1. Organically Grown Company (Josh Hinerfeld, CEO)
-          We commit to promote health through organic agriculture as a leading sustainable company (Vision).
  1. James Beard Public Market (Ron Paul, Director)
-          We commit to create more opportunities for local food businesses to thrive
  1. Sisters of the Road Café (Kris Soebroto, Kitchen Team/Dev and Finance Assistant)            
-          We commit to working towards true food equity with our community, prioritizing every person’s right to fresh, local, and organic food (Vision).
  1. Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust (OSALT) (Will Newman II, Research and Education Director)
-          We commit to achieving Action 1.3: Establish an agricultural land trust.
-          We commit to continue to actively promote/support all the actions of Goal 1, both as an organization and in partnership with other individuals and organizations.
-          We also commit to promote and support, through public presentations, classes, workshops, and other programs (particularly our Food in the City program) most of the actions included in the other three goals areas. (Vision)
  1. Upstream Public Health (Tia Henderson, Research Coordinator)
-          We commit to promoting Oregon food (Action 14.1), securing increased federal and state reimbursement rates (Action 15.2), preferring Oregon food in contracts (Action 15.3), creating social equity criteria with other partners (Action 9.2), adopting inclusive public involvement policies (Action 11.3), developing coordinated food policy (Action 5.2), implementing wellness policies (Action 5.3), reducing unhealthy food availability (Action 6.3) and developing and using local influence (Action 2.5).
  1. Portland Youth and Elders Council (Donita, PYEC Organizer) 
-          We commit to advocacy towards environmental stewardship to make available green spaces to grow indigenous and traditional plants and foods. (Action 4.3)
  1. USDA – NRCS: Farm and Ranchland Protection Program (Steven Fedje, District Conservationist)
-          We commit to preserving and protecting farmland in the Metro area (Goal 1). We are the lead agency for the Farm and Ranchland Protection Program. It is our number one strategy to preserve and protect farmland in the Metro area. We have formed a Coalition of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Trust for Public land, Metro and other NGO's to work on farmland preservation.
  1. St. Johns Farmers Market/New Partnerships Program (Jana LaFrenier, Board President)
-          We commit to the following actions: supporting a local, sustainable food supply while providing opportunity for emerging farmers, contributing to the health of all local residents, encouraging cross-cultural connections and dialogue, and enhancing the community and business vitality of St. Johns.
  1. Interstate Farmers Market (Lisa Bersani, Market Manager)
-          We commit to provide a sustainable, community-owned farmers’ market to North/inner Northeast Portland neighborhoods; to strengthen the local economy through support of local farmers; to empower North and inner Northeast Portland residents and commuters to be healthier by increasing their consumption of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables (Goal 2), and; to build community assets through volunteerism, public/private partnerships and pride of place. (Goal 10)
  1. Montavilla Farmers Market (Gretchan Jackson, Market Manager)
-          We commit to continuing to provide a venue where local growers and producers can meet with supportive community members for product vending, education and enjoyment. (Goal 2)    
  1. Growing Gardens (Debra Lippoldt, Executive Director)
-          We commit to serve as community resource of information, assistance, inspiration and support for school and home-scale, at the doorstep, sustainable food gardening.  (Vision)
  1. Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries (Bruce Strade, Executive Director)  
-          We commit to publicize the Multnomah Food Plan to our Parish Nurses and Faith Communities and encourage them to support it.            
  1. Portland State University Institute of Metropolitan Studies (Sheila Martin, Director)
-          We commit to assist in further research about the economic, health, and social benefits of local food.
  1. Dancing Roots Farm (Shari Sirkin, Co-owner)
-          We commit to continuously improve our farming operation to make it ever more sustainable for our workers, our members & customers, ourselves and the Earth. We also commit to ensuring our Scholarship Fund grows so that all who want to can become members of our farm (Local Food and Social Equity Goals).
  1. North Portland Farm (James Ragsdale, Farm co-director)
-          We commit to volunteer/intern hosting, food security, growing, soil health, site planning workshops, and event hosting. (12.2, 10.1)
  1. Depave (Maren Murphy, Outreach and Partnership Coordinator)                                         
-          We commit to continue to use our expertise, resources, volunteer power, and partnerships to create new spaces for community gardens and food production that support communities, meet the growing demand, and help the larger urban agriculture culture in Multnomah County. (goal 1.2 and 3.2)
  1. Sage & Sea Farms (Deb & CJ Tabor, Owners)
-          We commit to continue to use fruit direct from local farmers whenever available. (Goal 2)
  1. New Earth Farm (Scott Olsen, Owner)  
-          We commit to support local growers with organic soil amendments, educate the businesses and the community about closing the food loop by handling food waste in a sustainable manner (Actions 4.1, 4.4)
-          We commit to participate in the Plant-A-Row program for the Oregon Food Bank. (Action 1.2)
  1. collaboration (Suzanne Briggs, owner)
-          We commit to networking with organizations that are pursuing the Multnomah Food Action Plan's stated goals and encouraging them to collect and share data that will measure our success in supporting a sustainable, equitable, healthy food system. (Vision)
  1. Gales Meadow Farm (Anne Berblinger, Farmer)
-          We commit to continue and continuously improve our sustainable organic farming operation, offer vegetables and herbs of amazing quality and variety to farmer market customers and chefs in the region, support home gardeners by providing them with vigorous organic vegetable and herb starts, offer opportunities for aspiring farmers to work and learn on our farm (Goal 2)
  1. Sage Culinary Advice (Kathryn Yeomans, Director)      
-          We commit to support the plan through education services, by assisting shoppers in making the most of their Farmers Market purchases, and helping vendors realize the culinary possibilities of their products. We also create educational programs at Farmers Markets. Through food preparation and cooking demonstrations, flavorsome samples, recipes focusing on technique, stories and free advice, we're encouraging people to cook more often, from scratch, with market-fresh ingredients.
  1. Transition PDX – PHLUSH (Carol McCreary, Director) 
-          We commit to collaborate with TransitionPDX to launch the PHLUSH Ecological Sanitation Initiative and focus largely on the issues of Food Security, Peak Phosphorus, Nutrient Cycling and the need for a radical rethink of our sanitation systems so they can support agriculture..
  1. Kruger's Farm Market (Donald Kruger, President)               
-          We commit to 1) Continuing to use responsible growing practices on my 150 acre farm; 2) Educating the public on how to eat locally; 3) Teaching children about the sources of their food; 4) Providing an open farm that is welcoming to the public; 5) Growing good food
  1. Urban Food Projects (Blake S. Robbins, Facilitator) 
-          We commit to creating the conditions for a more sustainable food system. (Vision)
  1. (Joshua Patterson, Director)
-          We commit to continue to support the population in creating long-term food bearing gardens. (Action 1.2)
  1. The Better Bean Company (Keith Kullberg, Owner)    
-          We commit to supporting the growth of a local, sustainable, equitable, healthful food system through our production of ready to eat bean products. We commit to supporting sustainable farmers in the NW. We commit to treating our workers fairly (Goals 2, 4). We commit to making healthful food products that are always natural, whole foods (Goal 7). Most importantly, through growing our business we want to create employment opportunities for local residents and enhance the reputation of Oregon food products nationally (Goals 14, 16). We commit to bringing the nation a Better Bean!         
  1. Thai Mama (Lisa Barba, Owner)
-          I commit to being aware of the ingredients I use in my ready to eat products. I commit to using local produce and grocery vendors in my products. I commit to engaging my local community to become more involved in supporting their local farmers market. I commit to planting my own urban garden for 2011.              
  1. Urban Farm Store (Nellie McAdams, Manager)
-          We commit to helping members of our community raise and preserve their own food, and create healthy, sustainable environments for people and other animals.
  1. Conscious Concepts & Design, LLC (Angel Sully, Owner)
-          We commit to sourcing our food and other goods as locally as possible and spreading knowledge and community building principles throughout the Portland Metro Area (Food Citizen Actions & Vision).
  1. Portland Multnomah Food Policy Council (Anita Yap, Chair)
-          We commit to advocating and supporting all aspects of the Multnomah Food Action Plan. In addition, we commit to collaborate to provide equitable access to local healthy food, support strengthening the local food system, address hunger, food security, justice and health issues in the region (Vision).    (goal 5.2)             
  1. Cooking Up a Story (Rebecca Gerendasy, Executive Producer)
-          We commit to continue to produce inspirational and educational videos about sustainable food and agriculture as it occurs in the Portland metro region (and beyond), and continue to bring the people behind our food to life so that we may all become better stewards (Vision).      
  1. Portland Home Cooking, LLC. (Judith Yamada, Owner)
-          We commit to continuing to purchase locally farmed foods using sustainable practices (Goal 4); teach others (through writing and cooking classes) to cook sustainably (Goal 7), modifying their recipes to suit what's in season locally; purchase processed foods grown and prepared locally; and advocate for small family farms and for local farm friendly organizations (Goals 11, 14)
  1. Independence Gardens, LLC (Karen Wolfgang, Owner)
-          We commit to continuing to contribute to local and regional planning efforts while also making edible gardens available one household/business at a time. (Action 1.2)
  1. Restorative Action Network (Jeff Holiman)
-          We commit to continue to advocate for appropriate nutrient cycling, not excluding widespread adoption of waterless sanitation technologies. (Goal 4)
  1. Eco-mUNITY (Brian Manro, Project Manager)
-          We commit to helping the community to take more ownership of urban food production and distribution. (Goals 3,11)
  1. Operation Easy, INC. (Dr. Dapo Sobomehin, Founder/CEO) Portland, OR
-          We commit to be active in promoting good eating habit--natural food produced especially in our community--Multnomah County and its surroundings (Healthy Eating Goal 7 ).
  1. On Budget Bookkeeping (Elizabeth Fox, Owner) 
-          We commit to be a business that supports an economically viable, interdependent food system for the Northern Willamette Valley by funding farmers who establish perennial food gardens and manage human ecosystem habitats.
  1. Grandma Chonga's 100% Natural Handcrafted Salsa (Kipperlyn Sinclair, Owner)  
-          We commit to continuing to buy from local family farms and dedicate ourselves to remaining a landfill-free company.    
  1. Fosterville - Little Urban Village, Portland, OR                     
-          We commit to educate our community about healthy urban food production and lead by example.
  1. Wilderness Poets (John Bannerman, Partner)                        
-          We commit to create Raw, organic foods locally and to help make industrial hemp farming for food/fiber a reality for Oregonians.
  1. Native People's Circle of Hope (Celeste Whitewolf, Director)
-          We commit to promote healthy lifestyles at our Native Honoring event on April 30, 2011 - Portland State University-Native American Student & Community Center, and in partnership with the OSU Warm Springs Extension office by conducting a nutrition and food preparation class featuring native foods and to serve the featured menu to 500 participants of the PSU-United Indian Students of Higher Education powwow.  
  1. Cherry Sprout Produce, Inc. (Katherine Nichols, Vice President) 
-          We commit to supporting local small farms and food producers. We purchase locally whenever we can and emphasize seasonality in our product line and promotions. We are also committed to providing fresh local produce to the North Portland community at prices that are affordable for all.                  
  1. Institute for Material Sustainability (Janet Unruh, Executive Director)
-          We commit to support the activities of Multnomah Food Action through promotion to our network, donations and time. (Vision)
  1. CR:ECO (Michael Schultz, Community Partner)           
-          We commit to help to educate the public about this plan, and will help projects that are doing the work of converting Yards into food producing gardens. (Actions 1.6, 3.2
  1. Nutrition Essentials (Luke Rogers, Owner)
-          I commit to teaching nutrition classes to adults and youth on the topics of nutrition and healthy eating habits (applies to goal 7)
-          I commit to advocating on a policy level to reduce the availability of unhealthy snacks in retail environment and schools (applies to goal 6)
-          I commit to advising individuals one-on-one to make wise food choices (applies to goal 6)
  1. Cogan Owens Cogan (Kristin Greene, Managing Principal)
-          We commit to seek out, support, and collaborate with local vendors for internal and external meetings and events.              
  1. Carleton Hart Architecture (Brian Carleton, Principal)
-          We commit to including opportunities for individual and community gardens in the housing and community development projects that we design. (Action 10.1)
  1. Dairy Creek Community Food Web (Robin Lindsley & Tracy TJ Harrison, Co-founders)
-          We are committed to exchanging knowledge, skills, labor and resources to grow, harvest, preserve, share and celebrate good food through, "Growing Our Food Community."
  1. Carlson Communications (Leslie Carlson, Principal)
-          We commit to buying and serving local, sustainable food for events and in our office whenever possible.                
  1. Latino Network (Cynthia Gomez, Director of Civic Engagement and Leadership Programs)
-          We commit to work with community members to identify priorities to improve opportunities for healthy eating and active living; Form new partnerships with mainstream advocacy organizations, other culturally-specific organizations and government agencies to advance common strategies; and  Engage in health equity advocacy in the areas of healthy foods and neighborhoods. The Latino Network will use their existing leadership development and training programs to broaden community engagement on these issues (actions 5.3, 7.3, 11.1, 11.2)
  1. Loaves & Fishes Centers, Inc (Joan Smith, Executive Director)
-          We commit to increasing gardening efforts, serving more fresh fruits and vegetables to seniors, providing culturally specific menus, purchase local products, and work community partners to increase access to nutritional support. (Actions (5.1, 8.1, 11.2, 14.1)
  1. NW Portland Ministries (Kelly Caldwell)                                       
-          We commit to starting a garden at First Immanuel Lutheran Church and promoting gardening in our area, we also run a small food pantry.(Actions 3.2, 4.4, 5.1)
  1. Alive MMA (Bill Bradley, Owner)
-          We commit to establishing a local paleo food buying club through our gym, establish or invest in a permacultural farm operation, employing one or more permacultural farmers. (Actions 2.1, 13.3)
  1. Radius 150 (Anna Stulz, Director)
-          We are committed to a vision of the greater Portland area becoming an environment that supports health and quality of life thru (1) actively participating in the transition to a more sustainable way of living that manages resources for long term stability & security of communities in the region, (2) cross pollinating ideas/activities/vision of those (organizations and people) similarly engaged; and (3) promote local and regional products producers of food (Actions 14.1, 4.4)
  1. Garden Partners (Gretchen Fogelstrom, Executive Director)
-          Garden Partners is committed to developing an urban farm that will promote individual and community health by not only encouraging healthy food choices, but also through our programs that will focus on therapeutic horticulture, food production, organic gardening, healthy cooking and social connections. (1.2, 7.1, 7.2)
  1. Institute for Culture and Ecology (Eric Jones , Environmental Anthropologist)
-          We commit to supporting the MFAP through several of our projects including the Portland Ethnobotany Project, Urban Foraging Project, and Small Woodland Economic and Ecological Diversity Project that can be viewed at (Actions 5.1)
  1. Spring into Nutrition (Jenna Alexander, Owner)
-          We commit to provide holistic nutrition education for my community through individual consulting, group classes, grocery store/Farmer's Market tours, and healthy kitchen makeover's. We commit to using local, seasonal, organic produce and products as much as possible in my cooking classes. (5.4, 7.1, 7.2)
  1. Allegro Design (Jane Pellicciotte, Owner)
-          I will continue to support, and encourage others to do so as well, locally produced food through my purchasing power. Personally and professionally, I commit to promoting sustainability and health and well-being for myself and for those with whom I do business. I commit to using my professional skills and expertise to further the work of businesses and organizations that foster healthy individuals and communities around food, farming and social justice.. (Goals 4, 7, 14)
  1. Phoenix’s Egg Farm (Souriya Khamvongsa, Owner)
-          We support the goal of supporting local farmers and being a Portland egg farmer as well. We currently, sell high quality free-range eggs to local Portland grocery stores, such as Co-ops, Wholefoods and New Seasons. (Goal 3)
  1.  Tracey Schmidt Heath Coach (Tracey Schmidt, Owner)
-          Goal 2 - by both using Farmer's Markets/CSAs AND educating/encouraging others to utilize these wonderful resources, create more demand!
-          Goal 5 - educate/inform people & create awareness about the food system that they use and don't think about, but take for granted that what they buy at the store is 'ok'. Am starting to work with my daughter's school lunch program and spoke with her principal about creating a wellness committe (2 year charter school).
-          Goal 7 - this is what I do as a health coach
-          Goal 14 - eating locally/seasonally is also part of my work. One of our first starting points in the school lunch program
-          Goal 15 - Trying to connect with both farmers/farmers markets to help support the school lunch program.   Would also like to encourage a field trip to zenger farms or sauvie island to get the kids excited about this connection as well!
  1. 211info (Laura Kuperstein, Program Coordinator)
  2. Abernethy Elementary School Kitchen Garden Program (Thomas Myers, Food and Garden Educator)
  3. Adelante Mujeres (Anne Morse, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator)
  4. Alberta Cooperative Grocery (Jim Currin, Board of Directors President)
  5. Albina City Nuts (Scott Bell, Owner)
  6. Albina Opportunities Corporation (Terry Brandt, Executive Director)
  7. Artemis Foods (Stephanie Burrack, Catering Director)
  8. Asian Health and Service Center (Holden Leung, Executive Director)
  9. AXIS Performance Advisors (Darcy Hitchcock, President)         
  10. Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc. (Dennis Gilliam, Exec VP Sales & Marketing)
  11. Bon Appétit Management Company (Mark Swenson)               
  12. Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. (Maggie Bennington-Davis, Chief Medical/Operating Officer)
  13. Clean Start Consulting LLC (Adam Kohl)
  14. CNRG (Jeremy O'Leary, Chair)
  15. Community Food Security Coalition (Andrew Fisher, Executive Director)
  16. Core Pilates (Leslee Lewis, President)
  17. Cully Community Market (Evans Martin, Market Manger)
  18. Curt Ellis, King Corn Filmmaker, New York, NY
  19. David Douglas School District (Jodi Taylor, Nutrition Service Manager)     
  20. Deep Roots Edible Landscapes (Lindsay Duvall, Owner)
  21. Docere Naturopathic Wellness (Sam LeVine, Owner)
  22. Elephants Delicatessen (Anne Weaver, CEO)         
  23. Emma's Garden (Adam Case, Executive Director)
  24. Equity Home Solutions (John Sheldon, Manager)
  25. Fargo Forest Garden (Angela Goldsmith, Owner)
  26. Farmworker Housing Development Corporation (Jaime Arredondo, Fund Development Director)
  27. Fiddlehead LLC (Dave Barmon, Owner)
  28. Fork In The Road Mobile Market (Colin Gallison, Co-Founder)
  29. Flying Fish Company (Lyf Gildersleeve, Owner)                 
  30. Forest Grove Farmers Market (Gina Bell, Market Manager)
  31. Four Door Farm (Jodie Emmett de Maciel, Co-founder)
  32. Friends of Trees (Scott Fogarty, Executive Director)
  33. Friends of Zenger Farm (Jill Kuehler, Executive Director)          
  34. Gales Creek Insurance (Sky Wolfe, Account Executive)
  35. Garden Partners (Gretchen Fogelstrom, Interim Executive Director)
  36. Girasole Pizza (Emily Andrews, Brittany Cavelero & Jake Cavalero, Owners)              
  37. Grow Portland (David Beller, Founder/Director)
  38. Hacienda Community Development Corporation (Nathan Teske, Director of Community Economic Development)
  39. Hillsdale Farmers' Market (Eamon Molloy, Market Manager)  
  40. Hollywood Senior Center (Amber Kern-Johnson, Executive Director)     
  41. Hunter Gatherer (Chanah Sheldon, Owner)
  42. International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Portland (Ken Rubin, Director)
  43. Jeff Freeman Photography (Jeff Freeman, Photographer)
  44. Kaiser Permanente (Molly Haynes, Community Project Coordinator)
  45. KB Consulting & Design: Urban Landscapes & Built Environments (Elizabeth Warner)
  46. KEEN Care and Community (Chris Enlow, Manager)
  47. Know Thy Food (Rebecca Andersson, Organizer)
  48. Learning Gardens Laboratory (Heather Burns, PSU Coordinator)
  49. Lents International Farmers Market (Eliza Davenport, Market Manager)
  50. Life in Focus Education (Yevette Wright, Program Director)
  51. Lyrik Coffee House (Elizabeth Keiko Okuda, Owner)
  52. McMenamins Pubs, Breweries and Hotels (Scott Lipscomb, Environmental Coordinator)                                 
  53. Mercy Corps Northwest (David Beller, Agriculture Project Manager)    
  54. Multnomah County Department of County Human Services (Tamara Bertell, Contract Specialist)
  55. Multnomah County Library (Beverly Stadick, Library Clerk)
  56. Multnomah Youth Commission (Katherine Westmoreland, Sustainability Committee)
  57. Naomi's Organic Farm Supply (Naomi & Neil Montacre, Owners)
  58. National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) (Marilynn Considine, Director of PR & Communications)     
  59. Nehl & Associates, Inc. (Cathy Nehl)
  60. Neighborhood House, Inc. (Kelly Owen, Food Box Coordinator)
  61. Oregon Nutrition & Health Screening Program (WIC) (Sue Woodbury, State WIC Program Manager)           
  62. Oregon Public Health Institute (Amy Gilroy, Project Coordinator, Healthy Eating Active Living)
  63. Oregon Tilth (Conner Voss, Demonstration Garden Coordinator)
  64. Outgrowing Hunger (Adam Kohl, Owner)
  65. Outside In (Kelly Anderson, Development & Communications Director)
  66. Pacific Natural Foods (Jon Gehrs, President of Packaged Product Division)
  67. Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon (Patti Whitney – Wise, Executive Director)
  68. People's Food Co-op (Monica Cuneo, Marketing and Membership Services Manager)
  69. Portland Earth Care (Jonathan Brandt) 
  70. Portland Farmers Market (Ann Forsthoefel, Executive Director)     
  71. Portland Fruit Tree Project (Katy Kolker, Executive Director)
  72. Portland Roasting (Suzanne Strick, Marketing Manager)
  73. Portland Sustainability Institute (Rob Bennett, Executive Director)
  74. Poverty Action Council (Brenda McSweeney, Board Member)
  75. REACH Community Development (Kay Hutchinson, Director of Programs)
  76. Reynolds School District (Theresa Delaney Davis, Board Chair)
  77. Scoop Organic Ice Cream ( Amanda Rhoads, Owner)
  78. Sirena Pictures (Sarah Henderson, Creative Director)
  79. Slow Food Portland (Amanda Peden, Chair)
  80. Slow Hand Farm (Josh Volk, Owner)
  81. The American Center for Sustainability (Ken Burrow, Director)   
  82. The Cook Awakening (Durga Fuller, Kitchen Yogini)
  83. Transition PDX (David Johnson, Co-Founder)
  84. Tryon Life Community Farm (Maralena Murphy) Portland, OR
  85. Urban Farm Collective (Evans Martin, Member) 
  86. Village Gardens/Janus Youth (Eca- Etabo Wasongolo, Community Organizer)      
  87. Vincent Family Cranberries (Timothy Vincent, Owner/Founder)
  88. West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District (Erica Stokes, Education Coordinator)
  89. Whole Foods Market (Jason Valdez, Marketing and Merchandising Coordinator)
  90. Widdershin's Farm (Donna Prock, Owner/Farmer)
  91. Your Backyard Farmer (Donna Smith, Owner/Farmer)
  92. Zupan's Markets (Mike Zupan, CEO)
  93. Kat West, Multnomah County Office of Sustainability Director, Portland, OR                      
-          I commit to using my dollars to support local food and local businesses at every opportunity to strengthen our community (Action 16.3). I also commit to redesigning my front yard to grow more food (Action 1.2) and to promote community awareness by displaying Metro's "organic garden" sign (Action 4.4). Lastly, I commit to improving equity outcomes in our community so that everyone has access to healthy and local food (Social Equity Action Pillar).
  1. Bruce Bartlett, Citizen Participation Org #1, Chair   
-          I commit to create a plan to include Washington County in the MFI and execute it. (Vision)
  1. Sarah Brownstein, Multnomah County Office of Sustainability, Resource Conservation Coordinator         
-          I commit to buying local food and shopping at farmers markets and supporting a local CSA (Local Food, Economic Vitality - Food Citizen Actions)
  1. Tim Lynch, Multnomah County Office of Sustainability, Portland, OR  
-          I commit to choosing local, seasonal and organic foods first (Vision)
-          I commit to voting with my wallet by supporting restaurants and food purveyors that choose local, seasonal and organic foods (Economic Vitality - Food Citizen Actions)
-          I commit to making better use of our abundant local farmers markets (Economic Vitality - Food Citizen Actions))
  1. Tim Maher, Multnomah County Office of Sustainability, AmeriCorps                  
-          I commit to purchase and eat local food! (Local Food, Economic Vitality - Food Citizen Actions)
  1. Kristin Wildensee, Montavilla Farmers Market Volunteer              
-          I commit to continue to buy local food, to be mindful of where my food comes from, to support local growers/producers, to grow a portion of my food in my own yard, to continue to educate myself and others about the impact our food choices have, to continue to volunteer at my local farmers market (Montavilla) and to carry out any further actions that will help implement the Food Initiative.  (Vision)
  1. Katie Lynd, Multnomah County Office of Sustainability, Food Policy Coordinator
-          I commit to growing 2/3rd of my food in 2011 and donating any surplus, purchasing local food products from local businesses, producers, and farmers, and carrying the efforts of the Multnomah Food Action Plan forward through my profession and daily life (VisionLocal Food, Economic Vitality - Food Citizen Actions)
  1. Sarah Dougher, Portland State University/p:ear, Portland, OR               
-          I commit to continue to educate about and advocate for accessible, healthy food as a right for homeless youth in our city.
  1. Travis Bell, SRG Partnership, Architectural Staff
-          I commit to buy local food, grow a garden, buy direct from farmers, and educate others about these choices (Local Food, Economic Vitality - Food Citizen Actions)
  1. Stuart Farmer, Multnomah County Land Use and Transportation
-          I commit to supporting local farmers markets and restaurants that serve local foods  (Economic Vitality - Food Citizen Actions
  1. Stacey Sobell, Ecotrust Farm to School Program Manager
-          I commit to buying local, organic, seasonal, and equitably produced foods as much as possible, supporting local co-ops, grocery stores, restaurants, and other food purveyors that provide local, organic, seasonal, and equitably produced foods, growing food in my yard and preserving food from my garden and local farmers and food producers, and advocating for better food in schools, equal access to healthy and sustainable foods for all, and food production methods that are equitable and sustainable. (Local Food, Economic Vitality - Food Citizen Actions)
  1. Kyle Curtis, Assistant Market Manager at Montavilla Farmers Market
-          I commit to double the size of my home garden and increase the output & consumption of home grown food, continue to help with my neighborhood farmers market (Montavilla) outreach to underrepresented communities, and efforts to ensure a sustainable, healthy, and equitable regional food system. (Vision)
  1. Jim Liefeld, SnowCap Community Charities Volunteer, Gresham, OR
-          I commit to help clients grow their own food at SnowCap Community garden and to buy locally as much as possible (Food Citizen Actions)         
  1. Diane Liefeld, SnowCap Community Charities Volunteer, Gresham, OR
-          I commit to help clients grow their own food at SnowCap Community garden and to buy locally as much as possible (Food Citizen Actions)         
  1. Kodjo Pascal Ananouko, Volunteer and Committee Member of Seed of Harmony Garden/ New Columbia    
-          I commit to help create a garden all over the Portland public schools/ N Portland and help people to grow their own organic food.
  1. Janine Leaper, Food Policy Specialist at Multnomah County Office of Sustainability                                                                         
-          I commit to share at least one row of the nutrient dense organic produce I grow, with those in need. I also commit to increase my purchase and consumption of local products, and to practice responsible stewardship of my land.    
  1. Tracy TJ Harrison, Co-founder at Dairy Creek Community Food Web, Banks, OR
-          I commit to growing, trading, and buying 80% of my food locally; actively assisting in developing the DCC Food Web F.E.A.S.T.; personally exploring and teaching others about wild foods; and creative exploring of gleaning and preserving found food.
  1. Tamara Bertell, Contract Specialist at Multnomah County Department of County Human Services
-          I commit to vote with my fork by continuing to purchase local organic products and maintain an organic vegetarian diet as well as share my wealth of nutrition education with all who will listen and advocate on behalf of low-income community members that they have access to the same fresh fruits and vegetables that I enjoy on a daily basis.
  1.  Darcy Hitchcock, President at AXIS Performance Advisors
-          I commit to keep adding food-related items to my landscape and encourage other neighbors to do the same; share surplus with neighbors or take to the Food Bank.
  1. Lynda Grow, Board Clerk, Multnomah County,
-           Encourage and support local products in local stores and farm stands. Encourage the development of more backyard gardens utilizing organic methods.
-          Encourage my community to support more sustainable food practices
  1. Kalissa Canyon-Scopes, Portland, OR
-          Choose locally grown organic food whenever it is available. Continued commitment to a vegan diet and to supporting small growers in the region I live in.
  1. Hannah Kullberg, Multnomah, OR  
-          I commit to be an educated eater supporting local and sustainable as much as I can. I will be a citizen activist in our movement for a strong, healthful, sustainable, prosperous food system (Vision).
  1. Leslie Davis, Portland, OR
-          I commit to adding edible perennials every year (Local Food- Food Citizen Actions)
  1. Greg Sweeting, Portland, OR
-          I commit to do everything in my power to help produce, prepare and consume more local food and to educate and empower others within and outside of my organization to do so.  (Vision)        
  1. Kyenne Williams, Portland, OR     
-          I commit to growing some of what I eat, buying as much of the remainder of what I eat locally through Farmer's Markets and a CSA, and am willing to pay a fair price for this food that includes fair wages for the people growing and harvesting it (Local Food - Food Citizen Action); to working together with my community, both neighborhood and city/county wise to increase access to healthy, locally grown food for everyone, including opportunities to have gardens and to keep local fresh food affordable for everyone (Healthy Eating - Food Citizen Action); and to working toward food security for everyone - those who grow, harvest and live / eat here! (Social Equity - Food Citizen Action)  
  1. Laura Spidell, Portland, OR
-          I commit to growing a garden in my backyard, to purchasing locally produced foods, and to supporting my local farmers market. (Local Food, Economic Vitality - Food Citizen Actions)
  1. Melanie Moon, Portland, OR                         
-          I commit to continue to grow additional food to give to the community. (Local Food - Food Citizen Actions
  1. Terri Munro, Vancouver, B.C., Canada          
-          I commit to be an active person, engaged at uplifting the relation with community, restaurant's, farmers, local and international coalitions and businesses to get in touch with that which sustains us: Food. (Vision)
  1. Todd Altstadt, Portland, OR
-          I commit to work to better my family's food security by growing more food (Social Equity - Food Citizen Action); to compost all our kitchen scraps, leaves, and grass clippings on-site. (Goal 4) and compost in at least one of my raised beds, and to earn accreditation in order to teach others the square foot gardening technique and share this skill with residents of Sellwood (Goal 3).
  1. Fanny Rodriguez, Multnomah, OR
-          I commit to volunteer more often with Friends of Trees in support of hopefully one day having a greener Portland and sustainable living for all here (Vision).         
  1. Carol McCreary, Multnomah, OR
-          I commit to paying attention to the environmental consequences of all of my food purchase decisions and to working at the neighborhood level to find ways that residents of all income levels have access to affordable fresh fruit and produce.  
  1. Kathleen Clarke, Multnomah, OR    
-          I commit to continue to grow a portion of my good in my front yard and will continue to be involved in learning and sharing info and produce with others in my community, especially in my block.
  1. Jason Fitch, Multnomah, OR            
-          I commit to choosing local options when shopping for my family's food; growing food in my garden for my family to eat; engaging with my neighbors and community in conversations about the importance of local food production; supporting urban farming and local farmers' markets; educating my students about food sourcing issues.
  1. Angela Zehava, Portland, OR
-          We commit to grow our own food, continue our urban permaculture demonstration site, continue to financially contribute to Growing Gardens, and continue to be an educational resource and donate plants (Local Food, Economic Vitality - Food Citizen Actions)
  1. Jason Fitch, Portland, OR        
-          I commit to sourcing food locally as often as possible, even if it means less convenience or greater cost. (Local Food, Economic Vitality - Food Citizen Actions)
  1. Megan Enos, Portland, OR
-          I commit to continue to seek out local, healthy food options for produce, meat and dairy. (Local Food - Food Citizen Actions)
  1. Kendra Kreider, student, Portland, OR
-          I commit to keeping locally-produced and sustainably-raised food at the forefront of my studies, initiating conversations in class about our food sources, community sustainability, and the celebratory experience of eating in Portland, and to search for work only in organizations which support the local food scene and facilitate its growth. (Vision)
  1. Kathryn Mathew, Portland, OR
-          I commit to buying more locally grown and seasonal produce and transform more of my lawn and garden into a vegetable garden, and also to spread awareness when possible. (Local Food, Healthy Eating - Food Citizen Actions)
  1. Robert Wise, Portland, OR
-          I commit to buy local food where possible and work to implement the plan in my professional planning practice. Food=Fun (Vision)
  1. Eddie Hooker, Portland, OR              
-          I commit to help educate and create a strong community by developing tools that will help social equity thrive, create a strong sense of place, and Environmental awareness. (Goals 9-12)                    
  1. Stephanie VanRheen, Portland, OR
-          I commit to getting to know a farmer this year, sharing my (small) garden's bounty with my neighbors, and continuing to educate myself, my family and friends about the issues that make strengthening and preserving a sustainable food system so hard.
  1. Elizabeth Decker, Portland, OR 
-          I commit to making intelligent food purchase decisions and helping ensure a supply of prime agricultural land is protected for future farmers and future eaters.                        
  1. Sheri Alderman, Multnomah, OR
-          I commit to buying local whenever possible!
  1. Joseph Herbert, Portland, OR
-          I commit to utilize my education and intellect to provide the Willamette Valley region with further broad-based, cross-sector collaboration, cooperation and innovation in the fields of Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability.
-          I commit to utilize Conflict Resolution, Community Development, and Civic Leadership toolkits in order to bring together stakeholders to help identify, discuss, and resolve key issues, differing views, and potential conflicts.
-          I commit to develop and maintain, and help others to develop and maintain a balanced, sustainable personal life in order to further cultivate sustainable communities.
  1. Ellen Churchill, Multnomah, OR
-          I commit to make an effort to purchase locally grown products. This commitment means I will pay close attention to the labels that identify where the product is grown. In addition, I will seek out local outlet's that support this initiative.             
  1. Mike Waddell, Multnomah, OR
-          I commit to taking greater advantage of our many farmers markets, buying locally grown food and patronizing restaurants which do the same.
-          I commit to expanding the size, diversity and organic management of my own garden
  1. Sandra Wright, Portland, OR
-          I commit to buy local organic food whenever possible.
-          I commit to support restaurants that support local farmers.
-          I commit to buy most of my produce and meat from a local farmer's market.
-          I commit to grow food in my front yard as well as my back yard, and share my bounty.
-          I commit to continue to tend to my flock of back yard hens
  1. Anna Stulz Portland, OR
-          I commit to continue to volunteer time to Portland Fruit Tree Project, Friends of Family Farmers etc. Also, I can go to Salem when agricultural bills are on deck - I support urban ag & small family farmers; also support non GMO foods, organic/sustainably farmed/ranched, & keeping our local ag economy strong thru community support(ed) ag        
  1. Michelle Tongren                , Portland, OR                      
-          I commit to signing this declaration and to spread the word about this declaration. I have committed with my housemates to pay more attention to the produce that we buy and make sure it is local. I have also committed with them to buy chickens for our yard.
  1. Lori Von der Heydt, ND, Portland, OR      
-          I commit to increasing awareness and education about our food system issues.    
  1. Cheryl Hummon, Portland, OR   
-          I commit to continue purchasing locally and sustainably grown food products
  1. Jocelyn Furbush, Multnomah, OR
-          I commit to contribute to Action 3.1 (Establish an urban food hub and community food resource centers) by supporting the development of neighborhood-based community kitchens throughout the metro area.             
  1. Elizabeth Takahashi, Portland, OR
-          I commit to vote for a healthy, local, relevant, and viable food system with my dollars and my voice -- to purchase local food whenever possible, to be educated about the ethics of food industry practices, to advocate for policies that increase the availability of healthy, affordable local foods in every area of our community, and policies that support the economic viability of our farmers.          
  1. Susan Mund, Gresham, OR
-          I commit to energize the Rockwood Neighborhood area, encouraging residents and policy representatives to work together creating food security to those with less financial resources.
  1. Noah Eaton, Portland, OR
-          I commit to helping to address the root causes of food insecurity and hunger in our culture, until we discern them, we won't have the viable, long-term solutions we seek; and encouraging/promoting Farm-To-School Nutrition Programs as many schools still serve frozen, pre-packaged food deficient of sustenance
  1. Shelley Brown, Multnomah, OR
-          I commit to supporting local farmers by buying locally grown and transported food from farmer's markets.
  1. Mary Grothaus, Portland OR
-          Buy produce at farmers' markets from small organic farms
-          Grow food on my balcony and teach others how to do the same
  1. Sarah Miller, Portland, OR
-           I am currently a Health Studies undergrad at Portland State University. My focus is in community health education. I am currently exploring my options as to internships within the city of Portland that support food sustainability, access for all members of the community to affordable nutrient dense foods, to advocate and help promote nutrition education. My ultimate goal is after obtaining my Bachelors of Science in Health Studies, dedicate myself to serve in an Americorp program, related to nutrition in Portland, OR
  1. Dayna Cakebread, Portland, OR
-          Making sure that all children understand nutrition and How foods can help/protect your body with health foods that are not processed. Losing process Sugar "high fructose corn syrup" from our schools.
  1. Denise Barrett, Portland, OR
-           Support small and mids-scale farms; promote individual and community health by encouraging culturally appropriate food in underserved neighborhoods.
  1. Adam Case, Executive Director at Emma's Garden, Portland, OR
  2. Adam Kohl at Clean Start Consulting LLC, Portland, OR
  3. Amanda Peden, Slow Food Portland Chair          
  4. Angel Sully, Owner at Conscious Concepts & Design, LLC, Beaverton, OR
  5. Angela Goldsmith, Owner at Fargo Forest Garden, Portland, OR            
  6. Anna Goldrich, Executive Director at the Sauvie Island Center, Portland, OR
  7. Anna Stulz, Director at Radius 150
  8. Anne Berblinger, Gales Meadow Farm, Gales Creek, OR
  9. Beth Cohen, Oregon Food Bank Public Policy Advocate, Portland, OR
  10. Beverly Stadick, Library Clerk at Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR
  11. Bill Bradley, Owner at Alive MMA, Portland, OR
  12. Brian Carleton, Principal at Carleton Hart Architecture, Portland, OR
  13. Brie Hilliard, Friends of Portland Community Gardens Board Member, Portland, OR
  14. Brittany Cavelero, Owner at Girasole Pizza, Multnomah, OR
  15. Caitlin Blethen, Growing Gardens Youth Grow Manager  
  16. Carol McCreary, Director of PHLUSH, Portland, OR    
  17. Celeste Whitewolf, Director at Native People's Circle of Hope, Tigard, OR
  18. Chris Kabel, Northwest Health Foundation, Portland, OR
  19. Dan Bravin, Multnomah County Office of Sustainability Community Food Program Coordinator
  20. David Johnson, Co-Founder at Transition PDX
  21. David McIntyre, Portland Multnomah Food Policy Council Vice-Chair, Portland, OR
  22. Dennis Gilliam, Exec VP Sales & Marketing at Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc., Milwaukie, OR
  23. Donna Prock, Owner/Farmer at Widdershin's Farm, Hillsboro, OR               
  24. Dr. Dapo Sobomehin, Founder/CEO at Operation Easy, INC, Portland, OR
  25. Durga Fuller, Kitchen Yogini at The Cook Awakening
  26. Eecole Copen, Sustainable Food Programs Coordinator at OHSU
  27. Elizabeth Fox, Owner at On Budget BookkeepingBeaverton, OR
  28. Elona Casady, Multnomah County Office of Sustainability Intern, Portland, OR
  29. Emerald Bogue, Policy Advisor at Multnomah County, Portland, OR
  30. Emily Andrews, Owner at Girasole Pizza, Multnomah, OR
  31. Gina Bell, Adelante Mujeres/Forest Grove Farmers Market Manager, Forest Grove, OR
  32. Gitta Grether-Sweeney, Director of Nutrition Services at Portland Public Schools
  33. Grant Swanson, Green Team Chair, Local 88 Vice President
  34. Gretchen Fogelstrom, Interim Executive Director at Garden Partners, Portland, OR
  35. Gretchen Fogelstrom, Executive Director at Garden Partners, Portland, OR
  36. Guillermo Maciel, Policy Advisor for Multnomah County, Portland, OR               
  37. Heather Arelliano-Robles, Portland, OR 
  38. Heather Spalding, Sustainability Leadership and Outreach Coordinator at Portland State University          
  39. Holden Leung, Executive Director at Asian Health and Service Center, Portland, OR
  40. Jake Cavalero, Owner at Girasole Pizza, Multnomah, OR 
  41. Jana LaFrenier, Board President of St. Johns Farmers Market/New Partnerships Program
  42. Janet Costello, Nutrition Educator at OSU Extension, Portland, OR
  43. Jason Valdez, Whole Foods Market Marketing and Merchandising Coordinator Portland, OR
  44. Jeanne Longley, TPDX/Transition Sunnyside, Portland, OR
  45. Jenna Alexander, Nutrition Educator/Owner at Spring into Nutrition
  46. Jennifer Allen, Portland State University Associate Professor, Portland, OR
  47. Jennifer James, Sauvie Island Center, Education Program Manager, Portland, OR
  48. Jeremy O'Leary, Transition PDX Hub Member, Portland, OR
  49. Jim Newcomer, Transition PDX, Hub Member
  50. Jodie Emmett de Maciel, Four Door Farm Co-founder, Portland, OR
  51. John Sheldon, Equity Home Solutions, Portland, OR
  52. Joseph Miller, St. Mary’s Academy, Portland, OR        
  53. Josh Volk, Slow Hand Farm Owner, Portland, OR
  54. Judith Yamada, Owner at Portland Home Cooking, LLC, Portland, OR
  55. Julia DeGraw, Northwest Organizer for Food & Water Watch, Portland, OR
  56. Julie Noble, Urban Edibles , Portland, OR
  57. Katherine Nichols, Vice President at Cherry Sprout Produce, Inc., Portland, OR
  58. Kathryn Yeomans, Director at Sage Culinary Advice
  59. Katy Kolker, Executive Director at Portland Fruit Tree Project, Portland, OR
  60. Kay Hutchinson, Director of Programs at REACH Community Development, Portland, OR
  61. Kelly Owen, Food Box Coordinator at Neighborhood House, Inc., Portland, OR
  62. Kelly Reece, Transition West Side 
  63. Ken Burrow, Director at The American Center for Sustainability, Portland, OR
  64. Ken Rubin, Director of the International Culinary School atthe Art Institute of Portland
  65. Kim Dunn, member of Poverty Action Council, Multnomah, OR
  66. Kipperlyn Sinclair, Owner at Grandma Chonga's 100% Natural Handcrafted, Hillsboro, OR
  67. Laura Kuperstein, Program Coordinator at 211infoPortland, OR
  68. Lindsay Duvall, Deep Roots Edible Landscapes Owner, Portland, OR
  69. Lisa Barba, Thai Mama Owner, Portland, OR
  70. Luke Rogers, Owner at Nutrition Essentials, Portland, OR
  71. Lyle Funderburk, Oregon Food Bank Volunteer
  72. Mark Noonan, Elders in Action Volunteer Engagement & Social Media Manager
  73. Mary Montgomery, Assistant Manager at Naomi's Organic Farm Supply, Portland, OR
  74. Mary Rhode, State Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Coordinator, Oregon State Public Health Division
  75. Michele Knaus, Executive Director at Friends of Family Farmers, Portland, OR
  76. Mike Moran, Oregon Food Bank Food Resource Manager, Portland, OR
  77. Molly Haynes, Kaiser Permanente Community Project Coordinator, Portland, OR        
  78. Monica Cuneo, Marketing and Membership Services Manager at People's Food Co-op, Portland, OR
  79. Naomi Montacre, Owner at Naomi's Organic Farm Supply, Portland, OR
  80. Nathan Teske, Director of Community Economic Development at Hacienda Community Development Corporation
  81. Neil Montacre, Owner at Naomi's Organic Farm Supply, Portland, OR
  82. Nellie McAdams, Manager at the Urban Farm Store, Portland, OR
  83. Nick Sauvie, Executive Director at ROSE Community Development, Portland, OR
  84. Peggy Acott, Community Outreach Director at Portland Nursery
  85. Rebecca Andersson, Organizer at Know Thy Food, Portland, OR
  86. Rebecca Gerendasy, Cooking Up a Story Executive Producer
  87. Rev. Chuck Currie, United Church of Christ Minister, Portland, OR
  88. Robin Lindsley, Co-founder at Dairy Creek Community Food Web, Forest Grove, OR
  89. Rodney Bender, Growing Gardens Garden Programs Manager       
  90. Rosemarie Cordello, Sabin Green, Portland, OR
  91. Sarah Henderson, Creative Director at Sirena Pictures, Portland, OR
  92. Scott Lipscomb, Environmental Coordinator at McMenamins
  93. Shari Sirkin, Co-owner at Dancing Roots Farm, Troutdale, OR 
  94. Shawn DeCarlo, Metro Services Manager at Oregon Food Bank
  95. Shawn Postera, Multnomah County Office of Diversity & Equity, Portland, OR
  96. Sheila Martin, Portland State University Institute of Metropolitan Studies Director, Portland, OR
  97. Stephanie Burrack, Catering Director at Artemis Foods, Portland, OR
  98. Steven Fedje, Natural Resources Conservation Service Conservationist, Portland, OR
  99. Sue Woodbury, State WIC Program Manager at Oregon Nutrition & Health Screening ProgramPortland, OR        
  100. Tammy VanderWoude, Portland-Multnomah Food Policy Council Member, Portland, OR
  101. Terry Brandt, Executive Director at Albina Opportunities Corporation
  102. Thomas Myers, Food and Garden Educator at Abernethy Elementary School, Portland, OR
  103. Timothy Vincent, Owner/Founder at Vincent Family Cranberries, Portland, OR
  104. Virginia Krakowiak, Farmageddon Growers Collective, Portland, OR
  105. Zeratha Young, Transition PDX Organizer, Portland, OR
  106. Aaron Bazen, Newport, OR
  107. Aaron Choate, Portland, OR
  108. Aaron Mazel-Gee, Portland, OR
  109. Adam Race, Portland, OR
  110. Adriana Voss-Andreae, Portland, OR
  111. Aimee Brown, Portland, OR
  112. Aimee Samara Krouskop, Portland, OR
  113. Aireen Joven, Portland, OR
  114. Alex Milbert, Portland, OR
  115. Alexis Kozak, Portland, OR
  116. Alison Reddy Abel, Portland, OR
  117. Alissa Keny-Guyer, Portland, OR
  118. Allison McGillivray, Portland, OR
  119. Amanda Stacey, Multnomah, OR
  120. Amber Felker, Multnomah, OR
  121. Amos Perry, Le Grande, OR
  122. Amy Scott, Portland, OR
  123. Andrea Kampic, Portland, OR 
  124. Andrew Fisher, Portland, OR            
  125. Angela Dorsey-Kockler, Portland, OR
  126. Angela Roccograndi, Wilsonville, OR
  127. Angie Brummitt, Portland, OR
  128. Anita Yap, Damascus, OR        
  129. Ann Forsthoefel, Portland, OR
  130. Anne Rothert, Multnomah, OR
  131. April Abel, Portland, OR
  132. Barbara Kerr, Portland, OR
  133. Becci Bazen, Newport, OR
  134. Ben White, Portland, OR                   
  135. Bernadine Herlihy, Portland, OR
  136. Beth Kerwin, Multnomah, OR
  137. Betty Shelley, Portland, OR
  138. Brighton West, Portland, OR
  139. Brittany Kofford, Portland, OR
  140. Britton Anderson, Portland, OR 
  141. Carole Donner, Portland, OR
  142. Carolyn Kruger, Portland, OR
  143. Carolyn Lindberg, Portland, OR
  144. Carolyn Welsch, Portland, OR
  145. Cassandra Robinson, Multnomah, OR      
  146. Catherine Van Meter, Portland, OR
  147. Chad Dermann, Portland, OR
  148. Charis Deutsch, Portland, OR
  149. Chloe Friedland, Portland, OR                                         
  150. Christopher Keady, Portland, OR
  151. Christopher Van Putten Portland, OR
  152. Cindy Morrison, Sherwood, OR  
  153. Craig Fasullo, Portland, OR                             
  154. Crista Whittington, Multnomah, OR
  155. Debbie Kaufman, Portland, OR        
  156. Debbie Knoll, Portland, OR
  157. Debra Porta, Multnomah, OR
  158. Derianna Mooney, Portland, OR
  159. Diana Armstrong, Portland, OR
  160. Dianne Riley, Portland, OR
  161. Eca –Etabo Wasongolo, Portland, OR
  162. Eliza Davenport, Portland, OR
  163. Elizabeth Nardi, Multnomah, OR
  164. Evans Martin, Portland, OR
  165. Frances Spak, Portland, OR
  166. Garrett Burt, Portland, OR
  167. Ginger Rapport, Portland, OR
  168. Gretchen Doering, Portland, OR
  169. Hal Finkelstein, Portland, OR
  170. Heather Roesler, Portland, OR         
  171. Holly Markham, Portland, OR
  172. Jackleen de La Harpe, Portland, OR
  173. James Peacock, Multnomah, OR
  174. Jane Cromwell, Portland, OR
  175. Janet Barber, Portland, OR
  176. Janet Elgin, Multnomah, OR                           
  177. Jeb Doran, Portland, OR
  178. Jeff Kleen, Portland, OR
  179. Jen Bracy, Portland, OR
  180. Jen Turner, Portland, OR
  181. Jenny Pompilio MD, MPH, Portland, OR   
  182. Jennifer Walloch, Portland, OR                     
  183. Jens Peill, Multnomah, OR
  184. Jeremy, O'Leary, Portland, OR
  185. Jesse Cimon, Multnomah, OR
  186. Jesse Nichols, Portland, OR
  187. Jessica Gutierrez, Beaverton, OR             
  188. Jill Fuglister, Multnomah, OR
  189. Jill Kuehler, Portland, OR
  190. Joan Chakwin, Portland, OR
  191. Joanne Fromhold Arnst, Multnomah, OR
  192. John Nettleton, Portland, OR            
  193. Jon Schrotzberger, Portland, OR
  194. Joseph Callaway, Lake Grove, OR
  195. Joy-Marie Peterson, Portland, OR
  196. Judith Auslander, Beaverton, OR
  197. Julia Babcock, Portland, OR
  198. Justin Yuen, Portland, OR
  199. Karen Cureton, Multnomah, OR
  200. Kasandra Griffin, Portland, OR
  201. Kate Powell, Portland, OR
  202. Katie Selby, Portland, OR
  203. Kathleen McDade, Portland, OR
  204. Kathryn Sweedler-Devlin, Portland, OR
  205. Katie King, Portland, OR
  206. Keith Kullberg, Multnomah, OR
  207. Kelly Reece, Portland, OR
  208. Kenneth Wainwright, Eugene, OR
  209. Kent Snyder, Portland, OR
  210. Kerry Newberry, Portland, OR
  211. Kevin Tocke, Multnomah, OR
  212. Kimi Reid, Chef, Portland, OR
  213. Kris Caldwell, Portland, OR
  214. Kylene Fickenscher, Portland, OR
  215. Lacey Armitage, Fort Worth, OR
  216. Lauren Chandler, Portland, OR   
  217. Laurie Kruczek, Portland, OR
  218. LeAnn Lenz, Portland, OR
  219. Leo Schuman, Portland, OR                              
  220. Leslee Lewis, Portland, OR
  221. Levi Bazen, Newport, OR                                   
  222. Lili Ristagno, Multnomah Co, OR
  223. Linda Barnes, Portland, OR
  224. Linda Millet, Portland, OR
  225. Linda Robinson, Portland, OR
  226. Lindsay Howells, Lake Oswego, OR
  227. Linda Lancaster, Portland, OR
  228. Lisa Mary Wichowski, Portland, OR                       
  229. Lissa Adams, Portland, OR               
  230. Liz Bryant, Portland, OR
  231. Lynae Klinginsmith, Portland, OR
  232. Maggie Collins, Portland, OR
  233. Margaret McQuiston, Portland, OR           
  234. Marian Grebanier, Portland, OR
  235. Marija Hobbs, Vancouver, WA
  236. Marina Baker Vancouver, WA
  237. Mark Adams, Portland, OR               
  238. Mark White, Portland, OR
  239. Martha Perez, Portland, OR                                   
  240. Mary Logalbo, Portland, OR
  241. Mary Nagle, Portland, OR
  242. Matt Stormont, Portland, OR
  243. Megan Dodds, Lake Grove, OR
  244. Megan Ziskovsky, Multnomah, OR
  245. Meghan Dennison, Portland, OR  
  246. Melanie Kantor, Multnomah, OR
  247. Michael Cook, Multnomah, OR
  248. Michel Gregory Portland, OR
  249. Milt Markewitz, Portland, OR
  250. Nadine Appenbrink, Portland, OR
  251. Natalie Hutchison, Portland, OR
  252. Nancy Boros, Portland, OR
  253. Nancy Kramer, Multnomah, OR
  254. Nicole Daughters, Portland, OR
  255. Ole Hoskinson, Tigard, OR              
  256. Patricia Conway, Portland, OR
  257. Paul Williams, Portland, OR
  258. Peg Butler, Portland, OR
  259. Percy Winters, Jr, Portland, OR
  260. Peter R. Crooke, Portland, OR
  261. Rachael Banks, Portland, OR
  262. Ralph Schmoldt, Multnomah, OR
  263. Rebecca Moore, Portland, OR          
  264. Renee B. Curtis, Portland, OR
  265. Ron Carley, Portland, OR
  266. Ron Froebe, Portland, OR
  267. Ross Lesko, Portland, OR
  268. Ryan Hofrichter, Portland, OR
  269. Sally Swan, Portland, OR                
  270. Samantha Goldberger, Portland, OR
  271. Samantha Schongalla, Portland, OR
  272. Sara Pool, Fairview, OR
  273. Sarah Flynn, Portland, OR
  274. Sarah Gaden, Portland, OR
  275. Sarah Velander, Portland, OR
  276. Satoshi Ishida, Portland, OR
  277. Scott Fletcher, Portland, OR             
  278. Scott Huffman, Portland, OR
  279. Scott Reed, Corvallis, OR
  280. Scott Sheldon, Portland, OR             
  281. Sharon Eldridge, Portland, OR
  282. Sharon Reese, Portland, OR
  283. Sheila Martin, Portland, OR
  284. Stacey Triplett, Portland, OR
  285. Steph Sharp, Multnomah, OR
  286. Stephanie Arnheim, Portland, OR
  287. Susan Landauer, Portland, OR
  288. Susan Navrotsky, Multnomah, OR
  289. Tanya Wolfersperger, Portland, OR
  290. Tara Krugel, Portland, OR
  291. Terresa White, Portland, OR
  292. Terry Baxter, Portland, OR
  293. Tiffany Garner, Portland, OR
  294. Trish London, Portland, OR
  295. Ty Schwoeffermann, Portland, OR
  296. Virginia Kilgore, Portland, OR
  297. Wendy Dees, Portland, OR
  298. Zachary Newton, Portland, OR